Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Mediocre Critical Reception
Xbox 360
October 15, 2007
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Steve Bailey
October 17, 2007 - Excellent - In a bid to outdo itself and fresh-faced rival Skate, Neversoft has jammed its latest game with so much content that you expect to hear distant groaning when holding the disc up to your ear.
October 17, 2007 - Good - Tony Hawk's Proving Ground earns a recommendation, particularly for skateboarding nuts. The Video Editor will keep you busy for hours and the mixture of old and new gameplay components are more than enough to keep it from losing speed.
October 24, 2007 - Good - The big question on everyone's mind is which is better: EA's Skate, or Tony Hawk's Proving Ground? We're going with Tony on this one, though by a slim margin.
October 17, 2007 - Good - Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is a relatively solid game, but it really doesn't do anything new and significant.
November 20, 2007 - Good - Predictably, Proving Ground falls into the 'more of the same category'. When that means more of the same of something brilliant and proven, there's reason for both contentment and disappointment, but if you know you like Tony Hawk, though you'll not be blown away you should certainly feel comfortable here.
October 17, 2007 - Mediocre - Unless you've completely conquered Project 8 and are thirsting for more uninventive Tony Hawk action, Proving Ground doesn't offer any compelling reasons to give it a chance as a full-price game.
November 5, 2007 - Mediocre - If you never played Project 8, go get that at some super-cheap price. If you did, adored it, and can't help but want some more, you won't regret this. But don't expect it to live up to the same standards.
December 10, 2007 - Mediocre - Proving Ground is still an extremely accessible game with sharp graphics, large environments, and a tried-and-true control scheme. Proving Ground is far from a bad game, but it's a disappointment nonetheless.
October 17, 2007 - Mediocre - Tony Hawk's Proving Ground gets most of the Tony Hawk formula down, but the parts that stray from that formula are the parts that don't work out so well.
October 24, 2007 - Mediocre - In spite of its solid online multiplayer, good video editor, and fun arcade game, the overall experience can't rise to the level of the game's great predecessors.
October 25, 2007 - Poor - Proving Ground is not a terrible game in most of its execution; it's just that what essentially amounts to a third of the game is irreparably broken, and what's left is recycled from previous years.
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