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Xbox 360
Action Adventure
October 23, 2007
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October 2, 2007 - Good - Conan doesn't set its sights high enough to set anyone's world on fire, and there's not really enough meat on the bone to recommend an immediate full price purchase, but it is a well-paced and generally satisfying hunk of tongue-in-cheek gory action.
October 23, 2007 - Good - Conan kicks a lot of ass and stands out as one of 2007's guiltiest pleasures, but as a rental. Its glitches and standard issue design make it unfit stand amongst the best action games.
October 24, 2007 - Good - A good deal of craft went into making all of the game's over-the-top violence look so great, and it's the kind of guilty pleasure you'll want to savor.
October 23, 2007 - Good - No matter how advanced the combo system, that constant button-pounding action begins to grate, especially since there's no co-op mode.
October 31, 2007 - Good - Despite being somewhat derivative and rough around the edges, Conan has an enjoyable combat system and brings in enough variety to keep the action from feeling too repetitive.
October 2, 2007 - Good - Conan is an extremely tricky game to judge. On the one hand it's highly entertaining and almost obscenely violent and crude, but for a next-gen title with a next-gen price tag it doesn't quite deliver.
October 23, 2007 - Mediocre - Conan isn't really a horrible game. There are moments when all the flaws fade away and you'll experience a great animation that slows down at just the right times and chops off just the right heads and you'll start to think that the game is actually pretty fun, but it's all extremely straightforward and lacking a lot of polish.
October 22, 2007 - Mediocre - Though the visual glitches hurt the game somewhat, the terrifically violent and expansive combat makes this game worth playing.
October 30, 2007 - Mediocre - Given that this is such a short game, it becomes hard to recommend at the sixty dollar asking price. However, it's still a solid experience that should be looked into for at least a rental for fans of the genre.
Steve Steinberg
November 7, 2007 - Mediocre - It has a less-than-inspired storyline, but the creative and visually fun ways that you can dispatch of the countless number of enemies keeps things from becoming too ho-hum.
October 23, 2007 - Mediocre - Nothing is done exceptionally well. The graphics, the combat, the design, the sound are all just okay.
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