Mario Strikers Charged
Good Critical Reception
Everyone 10+
July 30, 2007
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July 20, 2007 - Good - [Mario Strikers Charged] is more than satisfactory overall. Charged seems like an amped-up, carnivalized reincarnation of Nintendo's own classic Ice Hockey.
Richard Melville
May 18, 2007 - Good - As the most original, admittedly surreal, take on the sport for years, Mario Strikers is a gem of a game and manages to flawlessly meet Nintendo's brief of appealing to absolutely everybody.
August 9, 2007 - Good - Although sometimes generic, Charged hits far more goals than it misses. Even with a few blocked shots like the shoddy single player and generic sound, it's still recommended for any fan of fast-paced soccer action.
John Benyamine
September 4, 2007 - Good - Mario Strikers Charged features enough modes to keep players entertained, as well as a top-notch presentation that really shows off what the Wii can do. Anyone looking for a quality sports game for the Wii should play it immediately.
July 30, 2007 - Good - Those looking for a deep and consistently entertaining single-player experience won't necessarily find it here, but anyone out for some good, solid multiplayer fun, either offline or online, would do well to check out Mario Strikers Charged.
August 1, 2007 - Good - While Mario Strikers Charged doesn't quite captivate us in the same way that Super Mario Strikers did nearly two years ago, it's still a solid addition to the Wii library.
July 24, 2007 - Good - In going for the most pyrotechnical Mario sports game imaginable, the designers seem to have forgotten that the reason classics like Mario Kart have been successful isn't simply because they have loads of skill-leveling power-ups - it's because there's a solid game underneath.
July 24, 2007 - Good - Mario Strikers Charged is one of those games floating in limbo. It's too complex for the casual player to get good at, and it's too random for hardcore players to appreciate over the long haul.
July 27, 2007 - Good - If you thought the original Strikers was good, you haven't seen anything yet. And if you've never played these soccer games before, now is the time to start.
April 7, 2007 - Good - If you approach the game with the mentality that Charged Football is going to be football in the Mario universe you'll find a game that is hard to get on with. If you accept that the emphasis is on flashy moves and fun over skill and precision, you'll find a game that has a place in your collection, even if it's only brought out every now and again.
Justin Leeper
September 4, 2007 - Mediocre - Quality time with buds doesn't always equal a quality game. Mario Strikers Charged still has a ways to go before being considered an arcade-sports champion.
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