Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Good Critical Reception
PlayStation 3
Action Adventure
November 16, 2007
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Greg Ford
November 14, 2007 - Excellent - The breadth of Uncharted's entertaining acrobatics/gunfight gameplay mix more than makes up for its shortcomings, as does the safe but satisfying story. It's definitely the type of game that makes you glad you have a PS3.
November 14, 2007 - Excellent - By starting with a great control and camera system, building on that with excellent combat and a wonderful spin on Ico's platform adventuring, and then topping it off with a decent storyline, Naughty Dog has cooked up one of the most relentlessly entertaining, fat-free games to emerge in ages.
November 16, 2007 - Excellent - Drake's Fortune is a remarkable visual achievement, but more importantly, it's a lot of good old-fashioned fun that's worth its weight in El Dorado's gold.
November 14, 2007 - Excellent - The PS3 has received a good share of solid games this year, but any gamers who own the console owe it to themselves to check out Uncharted. It stands out from the current sea of first-person shooters, and you won't find a better action/adventure game this year.
November 13, 2007 - Excellent - Say what you will about the PS3, but Uncharted isn't just a standout for Sony -- it's a standout for gaming as a whole.
November 27, 2007 - Good - After a year of being on the market, the PlayStation 3 is finally getting some excellent exclusives, and Uncharted is one of them.
November 19, 2007 - Good - If nothing else, Uncharted is a graphical showcase for the PlayStation 3, and it dazzles the senses at nearly every opportunity.
November 14, 2007 - Good - If you're looking for a fun showcase of the PS3's graphical prowess and don't mind a few flaws, then this is what you should be playing right now.
November 18, 2007 - Good - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune doesn't do a thing that other games haven't done before, but it's a well-executed compilation of all the gameplay mechanics that have worked over the past few years.
November 28, 2007 - Good - Uncharted is without doubt another title that absolutely deserves to be in your collection.
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